Battle Born Sporting Clays and Shooting School

Learn to shoot the safe and correct way.

Battle Born Shooting School teaches the correct, safe and fun way of shooting clay targets with a shotgun. Our instructors will teach the proper stance for holding a shotgun, they will check eye dominance, show the students how to wear hearing protection properly. Then our instructor will implement a proven step by step process of setting the student up for success.Imagine, you see the clay launch from the thrower and watch it fly against the sky, you move the shotgun with it and pull the trigger and watch the clay turn to dust! What's next? A very big smile and you find yourself saying "lets do that again!"Please feel free to contact any of the instructors listed below to get started in the exciting world of clay target shooting.

David Fiedler Level III N.S.C.A. Instructor


If you have been shooting for a wee bit and you wish to step up your game, be it wing-shooting in the USA for chukars in the west, pheasants and Ruffed Grouse in the mid-west or the wild bobwhite of the south and east coast..or the more adventurous who like to gun Doves or pigeons in South America, South Africa or England. Or if your game is sporting clays at your local range or the world shoot, let me help. I have been shooting for well over 30 years, hunting for over 40 years, and teaching for over 20 years. I have along list of All-Americans who are my students. Do you want to add your name to it? How good do you want to be?







 Vandy Fiedler, NSCA Certified Level I Instructor

Vandy Fiedler Level I N.S.C.A. Instructor

I was introduced to the shooting sports several years ago by a dear friend who was passionate about two things in life... upland bird hunting and Sporting Clays. Thanks to my friend, I now share a passion for these sports with my husband, family and friends.

As the saying goes, one thing led to another and I now enjoy competitive clay shooting. My shooting accolades include North Carolina State Ladies Champion 2003 & 2005, Zone Two High Lady 2005,Southern Side-by-Side Ladies Champion 2005 & 2006, California State Ladies FITASC Champion 2009 and 2010 N.S.C.A All American Ladies Third Team 2011 N.S.C.A All American Ladies team and 2012 Second Team All American and First team 12ga All American Ladies team..

I obtained my Shooting Instructor's Certification to further my knowledge and skills as an avid shooter, but also because I want to share my passion for the shooting sports with others. When you're ready to discover the enjoyment that can be found at the shooting range, please contact me. It will be my pleasure to introduce you to the shotgun sports!

To schedule an appointment for instruction you can contact me via email at

or by phone at 775-450-0708.



 Steve Young, NSCA Level I Certified Instructor

N.S.C.A. Level I Instructor 775-843-1884